To everyone who was involved in the 2011 DCI season.

If you’re a fan, performer, volunteer, parent, friend, significant other, anyone who values drum corps. This is for you.

Good luck to all of the performers today, congrats to all of the corps that have performed this year, thank you to all the volunteers that made the season possible, all of the parents letting their children participate in the activity, all of the fans going to the shows and especially congrats to the 2011 age-outs. No matter who wins tonight, we will always remember this season of hard work and dedication. Many fans have seen performances and have been inspired to try out for a drum corps in the following years. Not only are the members of the corps hard workers, but they are an inspiration to others. They are roll models. This year was a great one, you’ll always remember it.

-insert corps cheer of your choice here-

38 notes   -  13 August 2011
38 notes
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